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The World’ smallest Museum is located in Central Arizona on US HWY 60 in Superior, Arizona. The area of the Museum is just 134 square feet which is subdivided into 10 glass enclosed display booths. The Museum is open everyday except on Monday and Tuesday besides some major holidays and hot summer days. The business hours o Museum is 8 am to 1.30 pm of MST.  The attraction of Museum is showcase of historic US 60

Arizona’s finest roadside attractions i.e. World’s smallest museum. The museum also offers unique items at reasonable prices. The visitors can visit the aircrafts of ordinary life and can honor the world’s extra-ordinary workforce. The museum reflects the ordinary life by displaying unique aircrafts which is for memory lane and recycling them into fountains and waterfalls. 

The biggest attraction of the World’s Smallest Museum is World’s largest Apache Tear Good Luck Stone.  It is a Smokey brown translucent gem quality stone and only obsidian nodule hence truly called an Apache Tear. Besides, the museum has more attractions like 16mm projector of 1930, Corona typewriters of 1917, Mimeograph copier of 1960 and many more. 



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