Worlds largest Mega Yacht (over 480 feet)

Author: Julien  //  Category: Premium Transportation

Is your 100 ft luxury yacht just not good enough any more? Do you feel claustrophobic in your 15×15 owners suite? If so you might wanna give Hermidas Atabeyki a call. For only $320,000,000.00 dollars the Paris based designer can hook you up with the largest and most advanced super yacht anyone has ever seen! Currently he is in the developmental stages, creating a 147 meter mega yacht complete with helicopter landing pad, and an integrated submarine. In case you didn?t catch that? I said 147 METERS… equil to over 470 feet long!

The yacht also features a swimming pool on the upper deck, a disco and a movie theater for you to share with your 24 closest friends. The yacht has a garage for a submarine, so you can take your guests on underwater discovery trips after the movie! The project (codenamed M-147) will have various loggias, balconies, oriels and sun decks. In the stern there is a round shaped room that has a continuous glass front which provides an impressive 270? panorama view.
So? to be exact, the yacht is 482.6 feet long and 70.5 feet wide. Despite its massive size this mega yacht will have a cruise speed of 25 knots and it will comfortably accommodate 24 people with 1 Owner’s Suite, 6 Guest Suites, and 5 VIP Suites! I want one (If I only had Atabeyki?s phone number? darn)

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6 Responses to “Worlds largest Mega Yacht (over 480 feet)”

  1. naisioxerloro Says:

    Good design, who make it?

  2. Matt Says:

    WOW! Where can I find more on this beauty…please e-mail more to

  3. johnsteve Bullon Says:

    I would like to see a layout plan of all decks, please. And by the way, this is not the biggest mega yacht afloat…there is a 650 footer under construction now…due to be delivered around 2010. Plus there are a couple of some 400 and 500 footers out there as well.

  4. michael Tull Says:

    The design is beautiful, many nice features, modern, sleek and I would like to see more, question, all these large Mega Yachts, where are you going to harbor them , next to some rat infested Chinese tanker, or a beautiful harbor with all the hookups that a modern large yacht will need. I think the size of yachts is going to far, maybe in the hight 26 or low 3oo is streaching it, but no more. Most of do not have the privilege of living in a desert and can leave it almost anywhere along the beach which surround our countries. Making them a sitting target for terriorists.

    Anyway, would love to see more on this beautiful yacht.

  5. Randy Wulf Says:

    This article is not accurate, even when it was printed. Besides, there are thousands of concept mega-yachts on the drawing board that will never be built. They don’t count until they hit the water. The largest yachts existing as of this post are: 11-Alexander 402 ft., 10-Sigma 404 ft., 9-Savarona 408 ft., 8-Octopus 414 ft., 7-Al Mirqab 436 ft., 6-Rising Sun 452 ft., 5-Al Salamah 457 ft., 4-El Horriya 478 ft., 3-Prince Abdul Aziz 482 ft., 2-Al Said 505 ft., 1-Dubai (ex Golden Star, ex Platinum) 525 ft. Until Paul Allen completes his 459 ft. Crystal Ball, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz completes his 561 ft. New Kingdom, and Roman Abramovich completes his 613 ft. Eclipse, they don’t count. I’ll post stats and photos of the top 20 yachts, and show those in production, on my site soon. Love to discuss this with anyone.

  6. imperialyachtdude Says:

    Johnsteve Bullon, Where Did you here about that 650 foot yacht? sounds intertesing….and have any of you heard of AQUIVA? its a hotel yacht that is nearly 600 FT. It is going to stay docked in thames quay. Heres the website… |

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